Space Planning

In order to make offices as efficient as they possibly can be, quality space planning must occur. If space planning isn’t your forte or if you’re looking for expert help from outside, we can help. At Holborn Office Space we can offer space planning services that enhance both productivity and staff morale. We can lead you to a less cluttered, more coherent office environment and our staff have years of experience behind them.

Why not transform your office into an environment that your staff will love? Attractive office environments impress potential investors and clients and can be the difference between someone choosing to work with you and turning you down. We think about the future as well as the present when we plan office space and are affiliated with a number of companies that can help us to provide the efficiency that you seek. Get as much as you can from your office environment. No matter how big or small your space is, we can be counted on.

Take a look at some of our space planning services

  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES: If you’re not using all your available space, we can help you make decisions on how to make the most of it. Topics we can discuss with you in detail include departmental proximities, collaboration and storage.
  • CONCEPT DRAWINGS: Get a detailed insight into how your office will look before a single change has been made. Why not talk to us about our concept, test-fit drawings and 3D walk-through facilities today?
  • ACCOMODATION STANDARDS: We can work out exactly how much space you will require. With so much experience behind us, you can rely on us to provide accurate answers.
  • FUTURE FLEXIBILTY: There’s nothing left to chance when we consider usage patterns and estimated growth. We don’t just think about what your current needs are, we spend time considering future requirements too. We can help you cut costs and save time without cutting corners or settling for less.

Our in-house team can work wonders when it comes to office space planning in Holborn and we can even return comprehensive space plans to you within 24 hours. Get in touch with Holborn Office Space today.

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