Securing the right terms and rates on a Holborn office can be tough. However, things become a whole lot easier when you have an experienced team behind you who won’t give up until a fair arrangement is reached. At Holborn Office Space, we have the experience and expertise needed to negotiate on your behalf. If you’re looking for rates and purchase prices that you can afford, or lease terms and licence agreements that you won’t struggle to adhere to, come to us.

We can work closely alongside you to help you find an office space that will suit you perfectly and won’t leave you out of pocket. We can help you to negotiate fair lease terms, whether you’re planning on signing a new lease or have an agreement to renew. We’ll work hard to secure incentives, review provisions, alienation clauses and service charge rates that won’t hurt you, and we can even use our powers to reduce business rate liabilities too. Our team are all experts in the London rental market.

Our fearless staff are always ready to go to war on your behalf, even when it seems that property owners are not playing ball. They can persevere until an agreement that suits everyone is in place. We can negotiate affordable rental rates and can help you make negotiations if you’re considering buying office space in Holborn. Whether you’re looking for long or short term deals, you can count on us to secure the fairest possible terms and rates for you.

Contact sales@reesa.comif you’re interested in Holborn office space.