Very Small Offices

Very Small Holborn Offices

There may not be countless very small offices in the Holborn part of London, but if you do feel that a working environment of this size will be right for you, Holborn Office Space can help you to secure one. We have the influence and expertise needed to unearth new opportunities before they are advertised publically and are waiting for your call if you’re interested in moving into offices below 750sq feet in Holborn.

With these offices leaving the market almost as soon as they’re advertised, it’s no surprise that it can be so hard to secure one. This is where Holborn Office Space come in. We have relationships with various leading London landlords and often hear about new opportunities and openings before anyone else. We have helped our clients to secure very small office spaces even when they haven’t been advertised commercially at all. What’s more is that we have the power to negotiate fair terms and rates on your behalf too.

We listen closely to your needs to ensure that we’re only matching you up with offices we feel you’ll be interested in. There are many reasons for opting for a very small office in Holborn. You may only have a few staff or may wish to move into an intimate part of a much larger building.  A large number of companies do find that they have surplus office space, therefore choosing to rent out space they don’t need to companies looking for modestly-sized environments. This means space doesn’t have to be wasted and extra revenue can be generated, with arrangements being drawn up that benefit all concerned. Talk to us today if you’re interested in renting, buying or subletting very small office space in Holborn.

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