Rent Office Space

More and more companies are getting in contact with us when they wish to rent office space in Holborn. People choose us for many reasons, including our excellent track record in getting the best deals for our clients whilst keeping landlord-tenant relations as harmonious as possible. We can help you find the best office space and negotiate fairer service charges if you are already in your chosen building.

Service charges are a regular source of disputes between landlords and tenants. These disputes are even more likely to arise during tense economic times. When money is tight, tenants become even more eager to reduce occupancy costs than usual, whilst being keen to find out whether the charges they’re paying are a fair reflection of the market as well as the information contained in their lease.

Talk to Holborn Office Space today if you’d like to learn more about our specialist service charge verification service. Our team are experts when it comes to service charges and know exactly what the fairest and most appropriate levels of service charge expenditure are. We can help you negotiate fairer, more affordable service charges as well as finding you the best office for your needs.

Let’s take a look at what the service includes:

Reviewing service charge certificates, budgets, apportionments and sinking funds

Asking for tenants’ views on services supplied within a multi-let building

Negotiating with landlords to modify services to improve value-for-money

Identifying any overcharges helping tenants cut costs

Looking at precise lease wording on service charge liabilities

We can advise you on:

Appropriate wording and drafting of leases to limit exposure to future unforeseen costs

Reducing unfair costs

Landlord’s repairs and refurbishment proposals

To talk about your requirements for office space in Holborn, contact