The Co-working Spaces in Holborn taking the market by Storm !

Co-working spaces in Holborn have been opening up for about two years now. Adding more creative and collaborative buildings to the market compared to more traditional serviced offices that have been the bedrock of the area.

The area immediately around Holborn underground station has seen the most prolific rise in new openings so we thought we’d share some photos and views on what we like most about them.

November 2019 

We work with all the Landlords with office space and co-working in the Midtown or Holborn area and some of them have portfolios which span across London. So when this particular space was under construction we were super excited as we’d  seen an example of the style elsewhere in London  so were delighted to learn that one of the largest buildings was going to become a state of the art Co-working space.

The benefits of occupying a co-working space compared to a conventional Lease are many. They is a bunch of research around about the increase in productivity, profit and staff well being that is connected to companies that co-inhabit with other like minded firms. There is a collective energy that binds them together and both the social and economical benefits will become as tangible as easier recruitment to the untangible that staff just seem happier.

Pricing plans are influenced for co-working spaces based on whether you want a fixed desk, private office or a self contained floor. Some buildings will also offer a range of flexible hot desk deals.

A guide to Coworking Pricing

As a guide a typical desk rate is £600 per person per month, although this price can go up to £900 per person per month + VAT for the best rooms. However Holborn Office Space are experts in helping you secure discounts and deals can be found or negotiated at much lower prices.

There are some special promotions available to companies able to commit to a space before the end of 2018.

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If you are interested in Co-working spaces you may also wish to consider Farringdon and also Covent Garden as this would open up a wider choice of buildings. There are however further options available in the Holborn/Midtown area so please give us a call to discuss exactly what you want from a space.

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